Sonic 3 Gameplay added
Tuesday, 27th April 2010, 8:10pm (UTC), 5 Comments
Update: Gameplay page added to the Sonic 3 section
Just a small update to the Sonic 3 section to prove I'm still around, and to make sure you all know what you're doing with regard to.. jumping, and rolling and things like that. Nothing ground breaking in it of course, but one of those things you need to have sooner or later. It should be one of the first pages made really, but I like to have a good bank of screen shots to use, which of course I have, from doing first three levels already. Carnival Night to come within the next couple of months probably. Sorry, I know it takes ages but bear with me, I hope to get on a more regular schedule soon. For what it's worth I do still quite enjoy making these guides.

Having said that though, I'll soon follow this post with an update to the writers wanted operation, which I've recently been having a sort through lately and hope to try and attract more of you to the cause. Stay tuned!
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#1. Comment posted by MoDaD on Wednesday, 28th April 2010, 2:31am
Great addition. I know they're used elsewhere, but the mouse-over captions are a nice touch.
#2. Comment posted by sonictails1189 on Wednesday, 28th April 2010, 7:21pm
Awesome. Looks good. Glad to see you're still here, though I didn't think you'd actually left. May I suggest you update the Details section of Background Information for Sonic 1-3 to include the Sonic Classic Collection?
#3. Comment posted by LiQuidShade on Wednesday, 28th April 2010, 8:12pm
Done! Sorry, I don't know why I'm not quicker to update those, they only take a minute. One of those things I have to remind myself to do. Have also added Sonic 2 for iPhone/iPod Touch, which I will write about in the ports section eventually, and the Sonic 1 one for that matter as well. Not missing any others in the meantime though, am I?
#4. Comment posted by sonictails1189 on Thursday, 29th April 2010, 6:20pm
Not to my knowledge, not recently at least. Though, I'm probably not the best source for information in this subject. ;-)
#5. Comment posted by zoneangel on Sunday, 9th May 2010, 6:55pm
I really liked this site, the feel, the tool tips, everything...
I hope that Sonic 3 and Knuckles section will be completed soon... and I hope SEGA releases Sonic 3 and Knuckles on Iphone too. lol
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