Can Gaming Help Change Regulation?
Wednesday, 17th February 2021, 8:57pm (UTC), 0 Comments
Without doubt one of the most popular forms of entertainment captivating a growing audience day by day is within gaming, mobile platforms have certainly helped push this forward too as it has brought gaming to the hands of a much wider audience than ever before - but that doesn't mean there haven't been stumbles on the way, or even stumbles in the future. Given the growing popularity, can gaming help change regulation that has typically been tough to move?

The most pressing lately has certainly been within online gambling, it has been difficult for many to push change through in different spaces for online gambling as it is still a difficult industry for many, and whilst there are active bills pushing for change and some states such as Michigan online gambling that have been adjusted recently to be much more accessible for some in part with their ties to other forms of gaming as a whole - but more changes could certainly be yet to come.

Perhaps the most important factor will come from this growing popularity and growing audience - gaming isn't only targeted at a primary young teen male audience anymore as the demographic has long since shifted away from this one market, in fact many researchers show that women over the age of 34 are now some of the biggest consumers for mobile gaming and play the longest hours - if initial measures were put in place to protect the younger audience that had been of primary concern before, then that is certainly something that needs to be reconsidered now the audience is much different than it had been before. Changed mechanics in gaming will also have their role to play, with microtransactions and loot boxes becoming so common there are more links being drawn between the two industries, and although there are many looking to hamstring parts of these options they have become much to big for anything too drastic, as they have become so deeply ingrained into modern gaming as a whole - it may not be so simple to discern differences between the two and as such a lot of leeway may need to be given on one side or the other to keep things moving forward.

It's certainly an interesting time in the market nonetheless and big changes could be on the way, with further embrace of different genres in gaming the future could certainly look much different in this space and with big figures in gaming as a whole - 2021 is certainly primed for it too after a difficult 2021, and changes to regulation to allow for a growing market in gambling and betting could provide the economic backdrop to help many struggling on their way to recovery with the huge number of players that have been attracted to the growing number of services for a longer period of time.
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