Vote for Zone: 0 in the Sonic Site Awards 2009!
Tuesday, 3rd November 2009, 9:16pm (UTC), 4 Comments
Hi all, just a quick note to encourage votes for Zone: 0 at the Sonic Stadium's Sonic Site Awards 2009! We're nominated for no less than four out of five of the awards, which is absolutely brilliant! I'd certainly be very grateful for any of those votes you may choose to make, and in return I will try my best to get back to and complete my guide for Hydrocity Zone quite soon! Promise!

To all brand new visitors coming straight from the awards page, welcome! Zone: 0 is a Sonic game information site focusing on intensely detailed guides to the early games. Sadly I'm rather preoccupied with my final year for my degree, which means an increasingly embarrassing lack of updates and a fairly quiet forum, but hopefully there's plenty around to see anyway! Hope you enjoy yourselves here :)
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#1. Comment posted by Meph on Tuesday, 3rd November 2009, 10:33pm
I voted for Zone: 0, not because you asked me to, but because it was the best. ;)
#2. Comment posted by 1963886 on Wednesday, 4th November 2009, 3:54am
You'll win site of the year...

Even TSSZ thinks so..

I voted for you, by the way.
#3. Comment posted by TheGreenBird on Saturday, 14th November 2009, 4:42pm
The best New Sonic site I've come across in years. Original, to the point, and goes in deep about the build of classic Sonic games I spent my entire child-hood with. The layout is very professional, I never get lost in the site, something I've had with tons of sites, and I know more about Sonic classics now before I ever did before.

You know what your doing, as a long time Sonic fan, I recommend your site above all Sonic classic info sites.
#4. Comment posted by LiQuidShade on Saturday, 14th November 2009, 8:39pm
Thank you very much, glad you're enjoying it! :D
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