Sonic 2 Complete!
Sunday, 31st August 2008, 2:56pm (UTC), 0 Comments
Update: Miscellaneous page added to the Sonic 2 section, completing all content for that game!
The misc page is up to round off Sonic 2 once and for all. Convenient timing, as today also happens to mark four years since I decided to sit down and start writing my first piece of content for this place (although checking my log, that may actually have been yesterday.. damn). Although I haven't quite managed to create the definitive collection of all Sonic game information that I had envisioned I would by now, I think it's quite an achievement just to still be as passionate about it now as I was then. As always, real life gets in the way though - I've spent the last month moving to London and starting a new job, and any spare time I've had I've put towards the new site design, so apologies that this final Sonic 2 page has come much later than it should have.

Well, it's good to have two whole games under my belt now, even if they have progressed at the rate of roughly one game per year, and that's even after I've already written most of the content. Hmm, that's not great is it? Thanks to the work of user Mercury, Sonic CD and hopefully then Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles won't take nearly as long, as I won't need to painstakingly place objects in all of the maps, which has proved the most time consuming element. With this in mind then, I hope to have Sonic CD, Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles all up and running by this time next year. Tall order? Possibly, although after that I'll be returning to Uni for my final year, where updates will no doubt be thin on the ground, so I want to get as much done as possible by then, while juggling other stuff in my life.

Before any of that though, the next thing is the site redesign, which I want done by the time the Sonic Stadium's Site Awards comes around again, which should be soon. It's done, it's looking rosy, I just need to finish converting it into PHP code so that it can read all of the existing database content, which I'll need to tweak, and convert the older Sonic 1 pages to a dynamic form, as well as adding minor alterations along the way (of which I am keeping a list, so any suggestions and errors any of you have pointed out, chances are, they're on there and will be dealt with!). I need a new home page and blog system too, but after that it'll be good to go live. I can worry about my own new admin system afterwards, and just use phpMyAdmin in the meantime I reckon. No idea if anyone bothering to read this is savvy to these sorts of things at all but what the hell, my blog, my waffle.

Oh and by the by, this is an awesome interpretation of my very favourite Sonic tune.
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