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Thursday, 31st July 2008, 9:04pm (UTC), 1 Comment
Update: Other Modes page added to the Sonic 2 section
Those who have been desperate for Special Stage advice in Sonic 2, or perhaps just juicy details about the options menu (oooh!) need look no further than the Other Modes page of the Sonic 2 section. Rather plumper than the corresponding page of Sonic 1, it also contains everything you need to know about Super Sonic, the 2-player mode and even Knuckles in Sonic 2. I originally kept the latter to the Sonic & Knuckles game guide, but as that's obviously a while away yet, I've imported it in. You may not see anything wrong with the page, but compared to the new design I'm working on, the current layout for the info pages all look very plain and disorderly to me. I'm afraid it'll have to do for now though until I can implement the new look, within the next two or three months, but when I do, you'll be blown away! Or, you may not be that bothered, I don't know. I'm pretty sure you'll say "ooh, this looks different" though.

Only one more page to go now before we can finally call Sonic 2 all present and accounted for; the Miscellaneous page, where, among a couple of other matters, I will be looking briefly at Sonic 2 Beta and things that didn't make the cut. A subject that many Sonic fans are fascinated by, but I want you to bear in mind that it's not really what Zone: 0 is about, so I won't be going into great details, and certainly not really technical ones. Perhaps one day Zone: 0 will grow to encompass all details on Sonic that have ever existed, both general and very geeky, but for now I'd rather keep it a reference and strategy guide to the finished games, with particular emphasis on level design. So don't expect everything that we know about the beta version and all the other various pre-releases to be contained within it, as it's really a different subject as far as I'm concerned. Expect more of an introductory overview to the topic, with links to where you can find out more about the research. I thought I'd get that out of the way now, as I know I've had at least a couple of comments from people looking forward to this section.
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First to coment whooo a left the codes on Hydrocity zone coments the stages and story thing not the brief info.
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