Hills of Emeralds
Saturday, 21st July 2007, 5:23pm (UTC), 1 Comment
Update: Sonic 2 section finally kicks off, starting with Emerald Hill Zone, fully completed. Details of Sonic 1 on XBox Live Arcade also added to Sonic 1 Miscellaneous page.
Sorry it's been so long, almost a month since I finished Sonic 1 in fact, but I'm finally done with Emerald Hill Zone, thus begining my quest to capture Sonic 2 in the form of text, images and html. And css. It actually didn't take that long to assemble, it's just that I've been very busy building another site as part of a freelance job I've aquired. That's mostly out the way now though, so hopefully I'll have alot more time to spend on Chemical Plant, and it shouldn't take quite so long to get it up, I hope.

Naturally, you shall find Emerald Hill in the newly opened Sonic 2 section. Eagle eyed readers may notice one or two minor aesthetic enhancements to the formula, such as faint background images in the coloured container boxes on the page, but mostly it sticks to the same template as the Sonic 1 levels. I wanted to keep them all organised in as much the same way as possible, so that it reads as more of a guide to specific levels across the series rather than each game feeling very separate from each other. Having worked my way through six levels already, I've noticed some small imperfections that I wanted to set right once and for all, and the result, I think, is an Emerald Hill Zone page that feels a bit neater and more orderly. Knowing my perfectionistic nature though I'll now probably want to waste time and go back over everything for Sonic 1 and readjust small bits and pieces to bring it up to standard, but I'll try and focus on new things beforehand, at least. One thing I have also done though is add details about Sonic 1 on XBox Live Arcade to the miscellaneous page there. Yes, I bought it. Despite owning the game in probably more than ten different forms already. I wonder how much money Sega have made out of me so far..

Sooo, Sonic Stadium's ad banner service seems to be working out rather nicely so far. I'm getting at least 50 visits per day, which for a site that's just starting out is pretty good. I'm getting more interest in the project than I ever realistically expected at this stage too, and to know that I'm not the only one that is really enthusiastic about the whole idea of the site is extremely encouraging. Thanks very much to all who have expressed their interest. On a related note, Sonic Stadium are kicking off their Sonic Site Awards and accepting nominations. I probably wouldn't have submitted Zone: 0 myself if they hadn't actually encouraged webmasters to do it for their own sites, but I entered it into the "Information Station" and "Impressive Layout" awards, as those are really the only ones I can see it being a worthy nomination for. Anyone else is welcome to submit it for any of the others if they really want to but I don't think it'd be worth doing. If I could just be nominated for those, it'd be a further boost for everyone's awareness of the place, and actually winning one would just be brilliant. I'm looking forward to it.

Hope you enjoy the new content!

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#1. Comment posted by 1963886 on Sunday, 22nd July 2007, 8:49pm
Cool! It's up. Great Job!
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