The Importance of a Strong IP
Friday, 28th January 2022, 12:53pm (UTC), 0 Comments
Recognizable characters can make or break many forms of entertainment - whether this is a non-fictional character represented on the big screen or something fictional created specifically for game, film, or TV purposes, a great character and a strong IP can make all the difference. Some have lived timelessly through these different media and have been recreated as the figurehead in reproductions as more gaming sites are featuring beloved characters in different gaming genres, but just how important is it to have a good IP that can span these different interests?

Two perfect examples can be taken from the childhood of many avid gamers today - the title characters of the Nintendo and Sega IPs of both Mario and Sonic are two characters that won't soon be forgotten, particularly as newer representations of them are still so influential today. For Sonic, one only needs to look to the success of the first live-action movie and the upcoming release to show how much interest still lies there, as well as the sales numbers for games which continue to impress, and the merchandising side too through spin-off TV shows and physical products with toys and clothing too. Despite first showing in media back in 1991, Sonic is still as influential as its first release.

Similarly for the Nintendo IP, Mario is still an extremely prominent figure with its own movie releasing soon enough, and a number of the games are still the most played and speed run games today - whilst the gaming representation is still much higher than that of the former as Nintendo is still publishing titles on a regular basis, both have managed to have a huge amount of since their creation and have shown that a strong IP will stick around for a long period of time.

As all markets become more saturated with newer characters, newer interests, and changing demands, these two characters still stick out amongst all of the others which is even more impressive with just how long they've been around, and show that these well developed characters even very different to modern offerings can be explored in many different ways, and in many different forms too - whilst not all are well received and the first movie release of Sonic can attest to that, it does show that there is at least a lot of creativity left for these characters, and that these different creative approaches can breathe fresh life into these influential memories for many.
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