Emerald Hill Zone art by Ricky Earl
Saturday, 18th December 2010, 7:17pm (UTC), 4 Comments
Ricky's back! And ploughing on with artwork for Sonic 2, kicking off with a delightfully bright and cheerful rendition of Emerald Hill Zone. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Emerald Hill Zone by Ricky Earl

For newcomers, Ricky Earl is Zone: 0's own personal artist, providing depictions of each level that are then added to the relevant level page. Check out more on his blog.

As for me? Sadly I've been less productive on Zone: 0 matters. However, I have started Launch Base Zone and I really hope I can grab at least a couple of days over Christmas to further this progress. Act 1 is almost completely mapped, and I can confirm two versions of each act map for this level: original version and S3&K version. The amount of differences would make combining them into a single map very time consuming for me, and confusing for you, so I thought that the better option.
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#1. Comment posted by Andrew on Monday, 20th December 2010, 5:24am
Good to see that Ricky's starting Sonic 2!!!
I am glad that all this artwork is finally going ahead. I have waited a long time for this artwork
#2. Comment posted by MoDaD on Friday, 24th December 2010, 10:05am
That's a great addition. The artwork really sets the tone for the first zone in Sonic 2, especially by highlighting Tails' debut.
#3. Comment posted by Doreen on Saturday, 25th December 2010, 9:40pm
It's alright! I've waited this long for the rest of the Sonic 3 recap. What's a few more months? Lol! Nice artwork, btw!
#4. Comment posted by Aleronpower on Tuesday, 25th January 2011, 11:16pm
I will pay close attention, because it intrigues me launch base
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