Marble Madness
Sunday, 14th March 2010, 2:38pm (UTC), 6 Comments
Update: Marble Garden Zone added to the Sonic 3 section
Finally, an update for you all! Angel Island's vast, ruin-filled forests are represented through the regal Marble Garden Zone, a treasure trove of unique, elaborate objects and some fantastic level design. Must apologise once again that it's taking me forever to get through Sonic 3, and as I reach the last three months of my degree, you're probably unlikely to see Carnival Night Zone within that time, but I'll do my best. After that though I have some big plans for the site that are currently cooking away in my brain. I want to get more guides from other writers up and running, a couple of which are looking promising at the moment. Need to catch up with some writers that I haven't heard from in a while. There's room for plenty more though, so see the old writers wanted blog entry for more information on writing for the site.

I might get the Gameplay page for Sonic 3 up next, which you may well see reasonably soon as it's not quite as draining as a whole level page, but then again, not as fun to make! In the meantime, the forum's becoming more active recently with lively Sonic 4 debate as more info trickles in, so feel free to take part.

Until next time!
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#1. Comment posted by Meph on Sunday, 14th March 2010, 2:50pm
Maybe in the future you could add some HTML5 features to the site. There are many that you can add right now, since most new features are backwards compatible.
#2. Comment posted by LiQuidShade on Sunday, 14th March 2010, 2:59pm
You know I haven't really looked into HTML5, been a while since I've really done much web programming now actually, but I'll have to see what can be done with it, and new CSS techniques too. Perhaps something will inspire me.

At the moment I'm considering a smaller update than the big new design that I made last year, primarily nothing particularly visual, mostly centered around integrating my hunt for new writers into the site itself, hopefully coinciding with some of them starting to produce finished works. I also have ideas for the blog system, using some of the entries as part of a larger articles system. Stay tuned!
#3. Comment posted by Speeding Hedgehog on Tuesday, 16th March 2010, 8:26pm
I get the reference! (in the title) great game! also, I love the guide! That zone is huge!
#4. Comment posted by Tailsspain on Friday, 19th March 2010, 2:57pm
I canĀ“t wait till you cover Carnival Night zone. I hope you do an important refference to... THE BARREL!!
#5. Comment posted by LiQuidShade on Friday, 19th March 2010, 6:33pm
The Carnival Night barrel is certainly one of the occasions where this site has a chance to be at its most useful!

You know it's funny though, I originally wrote the whole Sonic 3 guide over four years ago now, and I briefly glanced at the Carnival Night part the other day and although I certainly made the barrel bit into a point, what I've written really doesn't make that big a deal of it. I personally never had an issue with it in my youth, it was explained to me by a friend when I first got there, but in the last four years I've obviously seen a lot of stories of how the legendary barrel seems to have had a rather profound effect on peoples lives in some cases! I'll certainly review the original text, as I always do, and amend to reference this more clearly. Would be a shame if I just ignored its significance to so many people!
#6. Comment posted by Chaos Shadow on Tuesday, 23rd March 2010, 11:02pm
Heh. The barrel. I don't understand people who have such horror stories about the barrel.

I remember, when I was young, that I got stuck on the barrel for a solid four minutes (and wound up timing out the level) before figuring it out. I was also -five- at the time, and had no idea this thing was so scarring until just recently. I knew it was tricky, but -wow-.
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