King of the Hill
Sunday, 30th September 2007, 1:24pm (UTC), 0 Comments
Update: Hill Top Zone added to the Sonic 2 section
Hurrah, it's here! Again, sorry it took so long - it really shouldn't have because it was a nice, easy level to map. Not many objects, non-complex routes and no extra scenery bits to add. As I mentioned in the last quick blog post, things have gotten in the way, and unfortunately, will continue to get in the way for the foreseeable future. I'm out of the summer holidays now, and back to university, in my second year. Things are about to get alot tougher there, so I'm going to have alot less time to work on Zone: 0 than I have in the last few months. On top of that, my eye problem is playing up again, and sometimes I have trouble concentrating on a computer-based task for very long before my eyes start to hurt unbearably, and it's especially difficult when it comes to all this html/php coding and map making that I have to do. I've been to the doctor's about it, but he thinks it's just because I've over-strained them and they'll probably settle in time. While it's not quite as bad as it was when I was first struck by it, it is, at the very least, extremely irritating and I really hope it goes soon. I've been trying to rest them whenever I can, but it's pretty difficult, and I can't stand being so idle like that. As if that wasn't enough, my internet in my new accomodation here has so far been very unstable, if available at all, and I really hope that gets sorted soon.

So I'm afraid updates will almost certainly become fewer and further between. I had originally hoped to stick to to my schedule of approximately two new levels per month but I think it's probably going to be more like one, for the time being - If that. It's hard to say at the moment, and depends on whether my eye and internet problems will get better, and unfortunately, Zone: 0 isn't at the top of my list of priorities at the moment. There are no plans to give up on it yet however - It's just a case of having to be a little bit more patient.

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