Sonic 3 Other Modes update
Sunday, 21st November 2010, 9:32pm (UTC), 3 Comments
Update: Other Modes page added to the Sonic 3 section
Been a bit of a long wait again, I know, but well, that's the way things are for the forseeable future I'm afraid. Still, we're nearing the end of the Sonic 3 guide now. The new Other Modes section contains info on the game's Special Stage, Bonus Stage, Competition mode and more. And just because I'm feeling extra nice, I thought some maps of the Special Stages and 2 player stages would be appreciated. The Special Stage ones in particular I can see being quite useful. They weren't ripped from the game this time, what I actually did was use scans from a book that has proven very useful over the years - the Japanese Sonic Mega Collection strategy guide. It contains maps for everything, including recreated Special Stages for S3&K that I simply traced over. Unfortunately I've found the book to have numerous inaccuracies and it completely missed occasional routes and hidden areas throughout the levels that I've worked on since, so hopefully the same cannot be said for these Special Stage maps. If you spot anything wrong, do give me a shout.

I was going to add some short and simple thoughts on Sonic Colours but what I've written has pretty much turned into a full blown review anyway, so I might as well post that separately. Probably tomorrow.
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#1. Comment posted by sonictails1189 on Monday, 22nd November 2010, 9:33pm
This looks great, and I'm looking forward to your Sonic Colours review. Though I've long since memorized the special stages, it's still nice to see the maps. Hey, here's a question for you: any chance of eventually covering and mapping all of the stages from the Blue Sphere game? I know it'd be a ton of work, but that's something I think a lot of people could appreciate (or maybe just me, who knows)?

Anyway, keep up the good work. I'll keep checking back for more updates.
#2. Comment posted by LiQuidShade on Monday, 22nd November 2010, 10:25pm
Thanks :)

I think covering all of them in Blue Sphere would be a near enough impossible task, as there's literally thousands of them, isn't there? So.. well, no, to be honest. lol. Not me personally anyway, anyone else is more than welcome to take up the challenge if they wish!

I have however noticed some consistent patterns that reappear across multiple stages however, which is pretty much how they're able to have been generated, so perhaps it'll be worthwhile covering all of the different common patterns, so most things should be covered. That isn't planned, but again, if someone wants to, they're more than welcome. Send me an email.
#3. Comment posted by MoDaD on Wednesday, 24th November 2010, 6:31am
I don't think I've ever seen the special stages mapped out before. I wish I had those fifteen years ago.
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