The Case for a Sonic Slot: Why Sega's Icon Could Become a Casino King
Monday, 11th June 2018, 9:24am (UTC), 0 Comments

We all know that Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most recognizable digital creations in the world. First brought to life in 1991, the faster-than-average hedgehog was the something of a savior for Sega. With the Sega Genesis failing to impress the masses and Nintendo’s Entertainment System (NES) winning the console war, Sonic became a talisman for the company. In fact, as the brand grew, gaming fans were either Mario fans or Sonic lovers. Either way, the original was a hit and has since inspired a myriad of sequels. As well as Sonic 2, where we first got to see Miles “Tails” Prower and the duo’s subsequent spin-off, Sonic has made it into almost every corner of the gaming industry.

Why Haven’t We Got a Sonic Slot?

However, while we’ve got plenty of console, mobile, PC and even board games based on Sega’s iconic character, we’re yet to have a real money slot offering. Yes, there are some free-play options in the leading app stores, but no developer has yet taken the character into the realms of real money casino gaming. Now, you may wonder why this is a problem. Well, the answer is simple: almost every other famous video game or movie character has a slot game. If you scroll through the latest online slot machines, you’ll see everyone from Lara Croft and Hitman to the Incredible Hulk and Gladiator. With this being the case, it raises the question of why Sonic hasn’t been added to the mix.

Obviously, we don’t have the answer. However, we do believe there are some great reasons why he could become a slots hero. The first reason is obvious: speed. Online slots are known for offering lightning fast action. This ties in well with Sonic and his super-quick legs. Any slot based on the blue guy could incorporate a super turbo feature where the reels spin faster than the average slot. Beyond this, you could create a special Sonic-themed promotion. All online casinos have their own deals. For example, Jackpot City's bonus list contains a welcome bonus worth up to $1,600 as well as weekly offers based on a relevant theme. A Sonic bonus could be based on speed, where players that place the most bets in a set period of time could win a special prize.

Sonic Slots Would Hit All the Right Notes

Finally, who could forget Sonic’s catchy theme tunes? Those in the know will recognize Masato Nakamura as the original composer. However, such was the appeal of Sonic’s songs that Michael Jackson was drafted in to create the tunes for the series' third installation. With music being a significant part of the online slots experience, this is another natural connection between the two. The classics would obviously be part of the mix, but a new game would open up the possibility for some new tunes. Between this and the scope for creating some clever in-game features and bonuses, there’s no reason Sonic the Hedgehog couldn’t be the next big name in the online slots world.

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