Sonic Mania Plus Review
Sunday, 16th June 2019, 7:59pm (UTC), 0 Comments
While Sonic fans are still reeling at how Sonic has gained an online presence becoming as popular as any other Sega game, there have been some recent developments. You see, the brand has even made its way into the heart of online casinos and video slots are being designed based on the theme. This website will prove the vast range of incredible games and maybe you will even find Sonic hidden somewhere in there. But for now, after playing the latest updated version of Sonic Mania Plus, you get the full scoop of what to expect from one of the best Sega updates in history.

The Graphics

While Sega fans appreciate the block effect of Sonic, the updated game offer great graphics and vivid colours, really complimenting the imagery projected. 2D graphics and a 1990's soundtrack adds to the enjoyment of the game, really setting this version apart from its predecessors. The complimentary approach of both the past of the game while looking to what Sega fans want from the future, has really added value to the game and you get this feeling from Sonic's updated quests.


You will appreciate the classic Sonic styled controls, easing you back into familiar habits and allowing you full and easy access to movement for your character. There are two gaming options to choose from which is great if you really want to explore all aspects of the game, allowing you prolonged adventure.

The screen offers a wider aspect ratio which allows you to absorb all the obstacles and appreciate all the new colourful graphics.

The Characters

The sense you get when playing with the new characters is distinctly familiar with those of the older version, so comfort ability is easy in coming. Sonic has a new power in this version, he is able to roll forward quickly after a jump, a welcomed feature as you gain more rewards with supersonic speed.

The two other characters; Knuckles and Tails each have their own set of powers which changes the game up when you switch between the characters in the game. Each zone also interacts differently with each of the characters and you will find enjoyment in them all.

The Green Hill Zone

This is the first zone of the game and the impressive sound effects replicates the very first Sega Sonic Mania release. There are however new music tracks and an abundance of interactive characters. The new spread animations personalize the game to some degree and it could be hazardous appreciating this as you might die in the game!

There are a number of 12 zones, each sporting obstacles and new rewards. As you pass each zone, the difficulty increases, giving fans everything they have ever hoped for.

This little hedgehog has got spunk and fans know how reliable he is. If you are looking for another Sega creation to add to your list of great games, be sure you take a spin and enjoy the recent updates for a new and improved Sonic Mania Plus.
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