Our Favorite Hedgehog Will Once Again Be Spending His Birthday In Japan
Monday, 11th June 2018, 9:15am (UTC), 0 Comments
Sonic The Hedgehog turns 27 later this month and aside from this making us feel old, SEGA's inimitable mascot will get his very own birthday party held at the Tokyo Joypolis. The original Sonic The Hedgehog game launched in North America on the 23rd June on the SEGA Genesis (no we're not kidding) and as a result, series producer Takashi Iizuka will take to the stage to talk all things Sonic including details on the upcoming Sonic Manic as well as the recently announced Team Sonic Racing.

What If You Can't Make It To Tokyo?

If you can't manage to make it to Japan or simply haven't collected enough gold rings then fear not - the event will be livestreamed via Periscope and YouTube, with links for these streams to be released presumably a bit closer to the event itself. For those lucky enough to be able to make it over to Japan, special edition merchandise will also be available as a means of proving to your friends that you watched Sonic blow out some 21 candles but as of writing this article, there's been no indication as to whether there'll be any birthday cake on offer.

Sonic is Officially Back After a Rough Ride Through the 2000's

After being a prominent video game character throughout the 1990's the last couple of decades have been fairly tough for our favorite hedgehog but SEGA recently ignited interest in the brand with the release of the well received Sonic Mania last year. It's fair to say that in his 27 years, Sonic has seen the gaming landscape undergo wholesale changes. From side-scrolling 2-D adventures to 3-D titles with higher quality graphics, online gaming is now a staple for most titles and developers.

With the introduction of online services such as the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, many games are now designed primarily with online gaming in mind. What's more, the types of games have also undergone a number of changes, with online slots from casinos providers such as Vegascasino now featuring prominently in many gamer portfolios owing to the wide variety of themed and often branded slots, bonus features and available promotions. However, with Sonic officially back on the gaming saddle, SEGA will no doubt be looking for a slice of the lucrative online pie for themselves and it's certainly once again an exciting time to be a fan.

Sonic Is Branching Out

We're not sure whether it's Sonic's advancing years that have given him more confidence but our favorite hedgehog is also set for his big screen debut sometime in November 2019. Paramount pictures recently revealed that Westworld star James Marsden will be starring in the live action hybrid movie which is loosely based on the original 1991 video game. With Jeff Fowler set to direct the movie, SEGA fans can rest assure that Doctor Robotnik and the magical Chaos Emeralds are in good hands. What's more, this added exposure that both Sonic and the franchise are now receiving will hopefully help boost the character firmly back into the mainstream where we all know he belongs. Let's hope so anyway.
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