The beginning of the end.. Sonic & Knuckles guide locked-on!
Sunday, 27th March 2011, 2:06pm (UTC), 5 Comments
Update: Sonic & Knuckles guide has begun! Mushroom Hill Zone, plus Background Info and Stages and Story pages have been added!
Sonic & Knuckles

The turn of Sonic & Knuckles has arrived! In its guide, you will find the usual initial pages - a full Background Info page, the start of the Stages and Story page, and of course good old Mushroom Hill Zone! *Insert fungai/"fun guy" pun here*.

As you will be aware if you read my previous post, this will be my last guide for the site and sadly no further guides can be guaranteed after this one is complete. Unfortunately, I haven't changed my mind since then and if truth be told I'm looking forward to wrapping it all up as soon as possible really so that I can start to focus on other projects. So hopefully levels will fall into place more quickly than those of Sonic 3 did. Now that there's a light at the end of the tunnel I think I'm more motivated than before, which is somewhat ironic.

I did enjoy these Mushroom Hill Zone maps, it's a level I've always had difficulty picturing in my head, as there are so many hidden areas and options for a first level. I've also always wanted a true multi-season version of the Act 2 map, so that was quite fun to do. That whole idea of multiple seasons is something I'd love to see more often - I can't think of any other place in the whole series where changing seasons are really considered, in fact. If a level has trees they've usually got nice green leaves on them. You never get a level that just happens to be in Autumn or Spring for example. Shame really.

Anyway, hope you like the new pages. Check out Point #8 on Mushroom Hill - I'm not sure how much of a mystery this is for anyone else, in fact I've never really heard anyone else mention it, but that final hidden room with a lightning and fire shield in it had always eluded me. Sometimes you can get in, sometimes you can't, and it was only at the very last moment of publishing that point that the solution actually occurred to me. I think it's quite interesting, check it out. It's amazing how many things I've discovered about these games that I was never even aware of, because of building this site.

I think my plan next is to publish the Gameplay page, as I always leave that one too late, followed by Flying Battery, both within the next couple of months I would hope. Gameplay should be easily, it's basically the same as Sonic 3's. Forgive me if a lot of it is in fact exactly the same!

Let Zone: 0's farewell guide commence!
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#1. Comment posted by Traxus on Monday, 28th March 2011, 6:04pm
Too bad that you will stop with the guides, I really like them! I am however looking forward to the sonic and knuckles guides, sonic 3 and knuckles has always been my favourite sonic game.
#2. Comment posted by Leonid on Monday, 28th March 2011, 7:38pm
Exellent! I like this site very much, it helps me when I'm playing... :)And in is really sad that this is the and... :(
#3. Comment posted by Andrew on Tuesday, 29th March 2011, 5:29am
Wow! I thought that S&K would never come up. Anyway, my brother is working on S3&K, just starting fresh. I like Death Egg zone most of all!
#4. Comment posted by Jamie Dawg on Sunday, 24th April 2011, 9:31pm
Hey, since you're going to finish the guide and then basically shut down the site, I wanted to make a deal with you; to prevent the site from dying along with your great and hard work (and of the other editors), I'll be hosting a copy of this site in some host I have yet to determine, and attempt to revive it, since I'm a huge fan of the stuff your putting out here and I'd like to put some guides on more recent Sonic games, like Sonic Adventure or Sonic Colo(u)rs, of coarse anyone would be able to help, including yourself, because I feel that Sonic sites lack what this site has. If you're interested, let me know by e-mail.
#5. Comment posted by Animal Zero on Sunday, 11th September 2011, 10:04pm
Where's Lava Reef Zone? I love that level... *Good Times*
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