A Quick Quadrant
Saturday, 6th June 2009, 9:16pm (UTC), 0 Comments
Update: Quartz Quadrant added to the Sonic CD section
Quartz Quadrant now up! A lovely little level really - one of those that's perfect to wile away a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon, I always think. My summer is now wide open, save for a bit of freelance work here and there, so I'm hoping to attain an average of a new level or page every one or two weeks until September. Don't hold me to that, but it's sigificantly more likely that updates will become much more regular during this time, anyway.

My campaign last month to try and drum up some interest from writers seemed to prove rather successful! I'm glad my big "dream" seems to have struck a chord with a lot people. Sometimes I do think I'm the only one, but then I guess I tend to be something of a reclusive Sonic fan, as I don't spend much time on forums. Perhaps I should, and perhaps the time is coming closer to a Zone: 0 forum of some sort. A simple one, but I think some potential for it is developing. Anyway, the quest for writers will continue and I'll advertise it a bit more around the various pages of the site too. Really looking forward to Monty Eggman's Tails Adventures guide. Admittedly, it's the game that I probably know the least about in the whole series really, so all the better to have a full guide all about it, I guess! From what I've read of it so far, we're in good hands for it. :) There's also a Sonic 3D guide coming too, and it would be great if there could be several more on the go too, so if you're interested, check out the previous post and please get in touch!

It's post-E3 and if you haven't checked out what has been revealed, see Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and Sonic Unleashed Mobile. Racing seems something of a sequel to Superstars Tennis, which I wouldn't class as a Sonic game as such, but perhaps this one should be, depending on exactly how prominent Sonic-based material is in the game. Seems a nice enough little game but nothing to get too excited about. I'm more interested in the seemingly rather in-depth mobile phone take on Sonic Unleashed. Until now I've never thought of any mobile Sonic game as a legitimate entry into the series, but this one seems like it could be about as significant an adventure as pretty much any other 2D platformer really. I guess technology is moving in such a direction that you can no longer really go by the rule of "it's not a true Sonic game if it isn't on a machine that is primarily a games console" which is what I've been following thus far. One to keep an eye on I think, if only because there's always something particularly exciting about a new 2D platformer.

So two "maybe" Sonic games and Winter Olympics (speaking of which, it's nice to put the normally cult-character of Metal Sonic within eye shot of the casual gamer, but are these kind of activities not a teensy bit out of character for him?). It's funny, by this point after the most recent wave of titles, we normally have a somewhat more significant selection. Could be the 'ol economic difficulties, or maybe Sega are cutting back on having too many Sonic titles, and if that means spending more time and focus on fewer significant platformers then that's definitely for the best. I was hoping to have seen a third Sonic Rush by now though. Given the popularity of the first two, it's a no-brainer really and I hope the pint-sized Unleashed isn't some kind of replacement for it on the 2D arm of the franchise. The pirate themed Sonic Rush Adventure also opens up a lot of possibilities for each entry to have a theme, which keeps things fresh. "Sonic Rush Digital" is my proposal, in which Eggman has encased Sonic and Tails (and Blaze I suppose) in a virtual world. All levels look like any usual selection of locations except they're not real, revealing occasional glitches a bit like Assassin's Creed. Exactly like the alternate time zones of Sonic CD, some way in which to break through the barrier to reveal the reality behind each level - a digital "tron-like" version of itself, would be perfect. Something to consider anyway, Sega.
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