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Update: Oil Ocean Zone added to the Sonic 2 section
Hey guys. Exactly two months wait for Oil Ocean Zone. Well, it's an improvement on last time anyway. I'm off to Turin this week, so I thought I'd better make the effort to get it out there before I leave. Metropolis, the biggy, is next, and I won't have much time to work on it until May, so don't expect that in a hurry either, I'm afraid. Still, it's pretty easy sailing for Sonic 2 after that though isn't it? I reckon I could do Sky Chase in a single day if I could get one free.

Once the whole game is out the way, I plan to adapt all the existing pages to their new dynamic forms, spruce up the whole site to a new look, start on the "theory" section (in which I'll be posting various articles about things such as game and level classifications), and start on the next game, which will be Sonic CD. I chose to do that before Sonic 3, because Sonic 3 has collossal maps, and for Sonic CD, I don't plan on doing the same level of depth in mapping as I have done. Mainly because there are seventy different maps in that game, and frankly, life is too short. I wanted something that I would be able to update more regularly than I have been doing so recently. Plus, Sonic CD really needs a good guide written for it, because it's a game you need to explore, and there are only about 2 FAQs for it.

Despite still being hidden away as far as ties to other Sonic sites are concerned, Zone: 0 seems to be doing better and better with hits and new visitors, largely from google I think. If you search for guides or maps to any particular zone that I've covered, this place usually ranks top of the list, which is fantastic! Been getting more feedback from you guys lately too, so thanks a lot for that. It's just a shame I don't have the time to update as often as I'd like.

So, I've been playing NiGHTS Journey of Dreams lately. It's a bit rough around the edges, and with rather boring cutscenes that are forced upon you and rich in poor quality voice acting, but overall, it's a fun game. It's a bit like a flying Sonic, if you haven't played it, and remains true to the original in this way. Levels are massively imaginative, colourful and clever at times. A particular favourite was in Memory Forest, where you must hit musical notes in time to play a tune. The fact that it all takes place in dream worlds mean that Sonic Team could have fun mixing up Sonic style level types into the same, imaginative stages. It's essentially a 2D game most of the time, in 3D graphics, and the fact that it plays so well like this hopefully nudges Sega to the (I would hope) inevitable decision that Sonic's next big adventure should be in "2.5D". I also hope it nudges them to the decision that these games either need better voice acting or perhaps preferably, none at all would be just fine for me thanks.

I haven't picked up Sonic Riders Zero Gravity yet, but will do next week. Like the original, I'm a bit "meh" towards it before playing, but will probably like it once I'm on it. It's just all the sunglasses and big shoes seem too gimmicky for me, and I'm getting less and less interested in non-platformers in the series.

I'm sure you've heard that a whole batch of Megadrive pre-releases have been released upon the interweb recently, including loads of Sonic 2, 3 and Sonic & Knuckles and even later, non-Megadrive games too. Personally, I'm a bit "meh" about that as well really. Great if you discover whole new levels out of it, but I've never been that into the whole "this version of Sonic 2 has that object missing in this particular place!" thing. I know that sounds a bit hypocritical coming from someone who writes excruciatingly detailed guides to the levels of these very games, but I just prefer to stick to what we actually ended up with, really. I haven't done a lot of research about what's been discovered, but what I have read hasn't particularly interested me. A complete Sonic 3? So.. Sonic 3 & Knuckles then. Right.

Sorry, I'm being awfully negative today. Don't mean to offend those into the whole hacking/pre-release/whatever scene, but it's not particularly for me.

Anyway, that'll be it from me I think. Enjoy Oil Ocean.
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