Something of a Sonic Movie Tradition
Thursday, 3rd March 2022, 10:58am (UTC), 0 Comments
Branding is a vital part of any venture and getting it right the first time can make or break any big release - it's true for any form of media whether that be the latest music and album release, lists of different games and options with examples like these online, or within a new movie release, particularly ones that come with high fan expectations if they're based on a popular game or character. It seems something of a tradition for the Sonic franchise at this rate, as the second movie release has already had a bit of criticism prior to its release.

With the first movie, the criticism was with the design of the main character - the original CGI Sonic had perhaps looked goofier than intended and almost immediately had a negative fan response, but the studio accommodated change very quickly and the new look was received well and has been used once again for the new movie. Fortunately, lessons were learned from this and the appearance of both Knuckles and Tails doesn't seem to have had much creative freedom taken and they remain quite true to form as they'd look within the games.

The latest snafu has come for the release poster, which underwent almost immediate change - the original poster had shown the names of the headlining stars in James Marsden, Ben Schwartz, Idris Elba, and Jim Carrey, but neglected to mention the names of returning cast member Tika Sumpter and the new voice of Tails, Colleen O'Shaughnessey. Unlike the first release, not including a couple of names on the poster seems like a very minor mistake to make and another that was quickly able to be resolved without too much hassle, but a funny trend to have both releases find even a small amount of criticism just before their scheduled release.

With the first movie being something of a pleasant surprise for viewers once it first arrived with plenty of easter eggs too, there's a lot of hope that the second movie will be able to deliver on much of the same fun and wacky acting to be a similar success, and with some other big names joining the cast too it could lead to another fun flick once again. A third movie has already been confirmed by Paramount too and a spin-off focusing on the Knuckles character, so it could also be interesting to see what snafu's come from the next batch of releases if any, and whether or not it becomes something of a Sonic movie tradition.
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