Nintendo DS Games You Can Still Have Fun With
Wednesday, 22nd April 2020, 3:59pm (UTC), 0 Comments
From time to time, all of us get hit with a bout of nostalgia, and in those moments one of the best things we can do to transport ourselves back to the good old days is to play some retro games on one of our old consoles. There's nothing out there like a childhood favorite to bring back fond memories, and as one of Nintendo's best, the DS is the perfect console to boot up and get to it. There are thousands of games for the Nintendo DS that are a great pastime, yet there are a few that stand out from the rest that you'll surely have a lot of fun with.

Texas Hold 'Em Poker DS

Nothing beats the excitement that a good game of poker can bring with it, and thanks to Texas Hold 'Em Poker, a small console like the DS can become your portable casino. The game follows the standard rules of the Texas Hold 'Em variant and allows players to easily learn the rules and master gameplay through its great guides and added practice mode. If you're a fan of a good poker game but can't seem to dig up your DS, you can try Casimba online casino games here. You can find many variations of poker, and loads of other fun games and slots to spend hours on!

Sonic Rush

The Nintendo DS brought a new gameplay dynamic to the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog series, and the addition that was Sonic Rush was a great way to showcase that. The mix of 2D and 3D elements in the game made it a visually pleasing adventure, while the two screens of the console brought gameplay novelties that were surely much appreciated. Sonic Rush also introduces us to a fan favorite playable character, Blaze the Cat. Switching between the new hero and our favorite blue speedster makes this game the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

If you're in the mood for something a little bit different, then this game may be exactly what you're looking for. Ace Attorney is a visual novel game following Phoenix Wright through his quest to prove the innocence of his clients. Throughout gameplay, you'll be prompted to gather evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and perform investigations to the benefit of your client. The game has had several spin-offs and is one of the most successful games of its kind.

Pokemon Platinum Version

If you're just coming down from the worldwide hype that Pokemon GO created and could use a different dose of the adorable critters, then going back to the classics is the best option. There were a few Pokemon games released for the Nintendo DS but the Pokemon Platinum Version is the one that stands out the most to us. Following the basic gameplay of the previous games in the series, the new generation of Pokemon, the vibrant colors, and the dual-screen of the DS made this game a knockout with easier ways to navigate the fantasy world and organize your items.
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