Ricky Earl Returns to Zone: 0!
Tuesday, 3rd January 2012, 6:45pm (UTC), 4 Comments
First of all, Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had a good break with family and/or friends, and are ready for the return of Zone: 0's resident artist Ricky Earl! It's been about a year since he's been available to contribute, so in case you've forgotten, he's vowed to supply a piece of artwork to accompany each level page on the site, or at least as many as possible. You can do it Ricky! Keep up the good work.

We're up to Chemical Plant now, check it out!

Chemical Plant Zone by Ricky Earl

Meanwhile, I've managed to get quite far with the Sky Sanctuary guide. On the map, I've had to recreate the platforms that float up and down by hand from lots and lots of screen shots, which has set me back a bit, but I'm pretty sure I can get this one out there within this month. That's still pretty good, by my standards!

Also, a quick thanks to AAUK of Sonic Wrecks for giving Zone: 0 a couple of awards in his 2011 Sonic Wrecks Awards - we won Best Specialist Website and Best Use of Images/Graphics. Yay!
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#1. Comment posted by metropolisishard on Tuesday, 3rd January 2012, 7:56pm
"Tails, what are you doing? Stop drowning all the time, we have go work to do!"
#2. Comment posted by Hyper_Sonic on Wednesday, 4th January 2012, 1:07am
#3. Comment posted by Hyper_Sonic on Wednesday, 4th January 2012, 1:08am
Besides, you CAN swim (well at least in sonic 3).
#4. Comment posted by Hyper_Sonic on Friday, 6th January 2012, 3:05am
Eddie Lebron gets something spot on:

"TSSZ: Which Sonic game was the first you ever played, and which one is currently your favorite?

Lebron: The very first game was the first Sonic game I ever placed. I think I was around 6 or 7 at the time! My favorite is still my favorite game of all time, which is Sonic 3 & Knuckles. There is this epic scale to the game that makes it stand out for me. The music, the levels, the story, and the gameplay make this adventure you’re having seem so grand and important. There is such a beauty and lushness to the design of the game that separates it from the others. The fact this is all accomplished with the limitations of a Sega Genesis makes it my number one and has been for many years. I can’t say even bad things about the game: it’s perfect."

Although, if you combined sonic 1 and 2 in the way S3K was made I think it would be better :) (also I do miss running past the sign post in 3&K :( )
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