Mushroom Hill-Sonic & Knuckles
Mushroom Hill Zone
After the events of Sonic 3, Sonic falls back down to Angel Island, finding himself in the hidden underworld of the island's deepest woodland forest. Massive wild mushrooms and colourful plants grow plentifully and there are long, twisting tree-vine pathways to speed across and occasional strong winds to endure. Different areas of Act 2 are magically themed on different seasons of the year in this classic stage.

Game: Sonic & Knuckles

Stage Number: 1

Level Division: 2 Acts

Boss: End of Act 1. End of Act 2.

Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles. Sonic & Tails, Tails (Sonic 3 + Sonic & Knuckles only).

Difficulty Rating: 1

Music: Act 1 music is delightfully cheerful and bouncy, its "instruments" somehow reflecting the round, wobbly shapes of the mushrooms and light floating buds and leaves in the air. Act 2 is very similar, almost identical in tune, but with a slightly more autumnal kind of flavour.

Typical Length:

Act 1: 1 minute, 30 seconds - 2 minutes
Act 2: 2 minutes, 30 seconds - 3 minutes

Available Items:

Rings Checkpoints 10 Ring Item Box Fire Shield Item Box Water Shield Item Box Lightning Shield Item Box Invincibility Item Box Speed-Up Item Box Extra Life Item Box Eggman Item Box Special Stage Ring
Act 1 (S&K) 346 5 9 3 1 2 3 1 2 1 3
Act 1 (S3&K) 360 5 11 3 1 2 3 1 2 1 5
Act 2 338 4 8 3 2 3 4 1 1 0 6

Mushroom Hill Zone Downloads:

Level Maps: Act 1 map (.png)
Act 2 map (.png)
Art: Official badnik art (.jpg)
Official concept art (.jpg)
Art found in the Japanese instruction manual
Top Tips
- Like many first levels, Mushroom Hill is a gentle introduction to the world of Sonic, and the badniks are prime amongst the small number of worries within this large forest. Mad Moles and Cluckoids will constantly knock you far away from them using wind or mushroom projectiles, though good timing will overcome them. Try and hide on a step underneath and in front of the moles to wait and then take them by surprise, and try your best to get behind the Cluckoids to avoid the wind. The real pests though are the Dragonflies, as you can jump onto their spiked bodies very easily if they're hovering downwards. Always attack when the head is the highest part of it.
- Beware of large internal rooms with spikes on some areas of the walls and along pits in the floor. They're rare, but most common to Knuckles-only areas in Act 2. You'll start on the top left and and have to go down to the bottom right to exit. If you don't mind losing rings, then you could just drop, but to get down safely, you might find a nearby floating mushroom on the ceiling that you can use to glide down.
- There are 9 Special Stage rings in this level (11 in the S3&K version), all of which found in the usual secret rooms hidden in the walls, sometimes on the main routes, and sometimes hidden away in tough to reach spots. Such rings start to become more and more scarce in this game, and the latter few levels have none at all, so my advice would be to stock up on Chaos Emeralds here where they're relatively easy to come by!
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#1. Comment posted by Beau on Monday, 16th May 2011, 4:00pm (UTC)
An idea occurred to me while reading about the boss. It seems random that Eggman was using a satellite dish in the ground before the battle begins. Then, thinking about how the environment's 'season' changes back to normal after disrupting the beam, perhaps Eggman's satellite dish/beam/thing was affecting the weather somehow, and changing the 'season' temporarily in those certain portions of the zone? As Sonic / Knuckles approached the epicenter of the beam, the change in environment got more dramatic.

I may just be imagining things, but it could explain the season change! (And why it changes back, suddenly.)
#2. Comment posted by LiQuidShade on Monday, 16th May 2011, 7:46pm (UTC)
Yes, that theory is also discussed in the notes of the boss section itself and I think it's very plausible, considering how everything changes back to normal after the satellite's destruction. Guess we'll never really know for sure, but it makes a lot of sense.
#3. Comment posted by flablar on Sunday, 12th June 2011, 5:26pm (UTC)
Hey Beau and Liquidshade!Did you guys notice that the pillars where made in 3D?
#4. Comment posted by o78g on Friday, 1st March 2013, 2:45pm (UTC)
#5. Comment posted by angelthehedgehog on Thursday, 22nd August 2013, 2:03am (UTC)
I always thought that the forest was like, decomposing or something.
#6. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 13th September 2014, 3:11pm (UTC)
I think it turned back to normal because the season changes from winter to spring.
#7. Comment posted by Ratchet 0203 on Saturday, 4th October 2014, 3:23pm (UTC)
Wait, there's an Eggman box in act 2? Where is that?
#8. Comment posted by I.M.2R on Wednesday, 21st February 2018, 2:01pm (UTC)
The earliest you could get Super Sonic is in Act 2.
#9. Comment posted by I.M.2R on Wednesday, 21st February 2018, 2:03pm (UTC)
And if you think about it, Act 1 is where you get Hyper Sonic.
#10. Comment posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 21st February 2018, 2:04pm (UTC)
Better words were never said.
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One of the prettiest and most colourful zones around, Mushroom Hill is buried within a forest of tall trees, the mighty trunks of which can be seen across the background, emerging from rows of bushes. It's not completely lost though, as much of the bright blue sky can still be seen.
The top of the background is home to the thick leafy canopy of the tallest trees, completely shrouding the forest in coverage from above. The dewy grass on the ground is home to many types of smaller, animated mushrooms along with the huge, interactive bright orange ones.
Going for something other than the standard tropical paradise for a change, the first level of Sonic & Knuckles follows the surprisingly uncommon location of a deep woodland forest, characterised more than anything else by its colourful, animated mushrooms of varying sizes. In the background, extremely tall and thin, light brown tree trunks reach high up to the top of the level, with the light clear sky between them, and moss growing at their bases. The thick, green leafy canopy at the very top is supported by thicker, darker brown tree trunks. The forest floor in front of them is lined with bushes growing darker as you go further down, and there are rows of smaller trees behind them. The pathways are of bright green dewy grass, and as you run along them, a great little graphical touch throws tiny little yellow buds in the air, gradually floating back down. As grassy paths curve into speedy loops they begin to constitute thick vines, with much thinner ones wrapping around them. Like Green Hill Zone, the ground follows a simple pattern, and with blocky extrusions and intrusions all over it, of various shapes and sizes. The pattern is a kind of oval-based one, of brown and a dull yellow colour.
Speedier paths take place on long, looping vines, with decorative thinner ones wrapped around it.
Internal corridors are hidden within the elliptically-patterned ground around the whole level, with a darker backing, and the corridors are supported by wooden log pillars.
If you consider Act 1 to be based in the Spring and/or Summer, then Act 2 moves you into Autumn and Winter versions of this location. They appear the same, only with certain colour palette changes made. The level changes to Autumn very early on in Act 2, where the sky becomes darker and the leaves on the trees and bushes become much less bright and more olive green. Predictably the once lush green grassy paths and thick curving vines are now a bright and crisp brown colour, and running along them upheaves fallen leaves rather than little floating buds. Reach a certain point and each route will briefly delve into an internal area, allowing the environment outside to shift entirely to Winter upon your exit out the other side. The sky now is nearly white, as are most of the leaves, some of which look rather frosty. The tree trunks are also discoloured, though there's no snow, and pathways and floating leaves are a duller brown colour. Note that the extruded, patterned ground on which everything sits remains the same throughout all seasons.
Act 2 takes you to different seasonal variations on the design. Here in Autumn, the sky turns slightly greener, the forestry in the background slightly discoloured and olive, the dewy grass becomes a golden brown, casting floating leaves into the air, and the big bouncy mushrooms become blue.
The Winter version doesn't have snow, but it does make everything look a bit frostier. The grass, forest and sky all turn to various shades of grey-green, while the mushrooms become a fuller green.
On top of these pleasant, magical transformations, Mushroom Hill is one of the most decorated zones, with pathways lined with a variety of funky fungi, some of which act as interactive objects such as trampolines or collapsing platforms off of ledges, other smaller ones are purely decorative. The colours of mushrooms are usually orange in Spring/Summer, blue in Autumn and green in Winter. The big bouncy ones charmingly tilt back and forth on their stems, while smaller decorative ones periodically switch from thin to fat, while the skinny medium-sized ones are motionless but stay blue all year round. Where sections of the level become more enclosed, a darker chunk of the ground connects floor to ceiling in the background, and tree trunks support narrow passageways in the foreground.
#1. Comment posted by Xxaqz on Wednesday, 11th May 2011, 2:37pm (UTC)
I like how the Seasons change.
#2. Comment posted by Bombitty on Sunday, 25th December 2011, 8:22am (UTC)
I always thought that the reason the level changed so much was because you were getting closer to the machine you destroy to trigger the boss fight. As if whatever that thing is was killing the forest. Although, my only evidence to support that theory is how the forest is restored after you destroy the machine.
#3. Comment posted by afolita on Saturday, 14th July 2012, 12:12pm (UTC)
Note that Mushroom Hill is NOT intended to be a first level. And yes, the season changes are likely due to Eggman's device.
#4. Comment posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 2nd December 2012, 2:00am (UTC)
@ afolita Why is it not intended for a first level?
#5. Comment posted by Discomusic on Friday, 25th January 2013, 4:04pm (UTC)
Because S&K is intended to be connected on S3 to form S3&K, where this is the 7th level.
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Winding, looping vines give the level a massive does of speed, and connect the larger pieces of level together.
..Many vine paths cut short before their destination however, though they leave a short ramp at their ends. If hit with enough speed, this ramp can take you safely across the gap.
Slower areas can be taken in the brief corridors where routes cut through the ground and paths frequently become quite straight here with occasional steps or tall narrow shafts.
For a first level, this feels like a slightly larger zone than normal, and it makes the most of its space with an array of interchangeable multiple routes stacked up on top of each other. The lower paths tend to span across large, stable pieces of ground, while the further up you go in the stack, it seems, the more sparse and smaller the platforms and ledges become, allowing ever more easy drops to the routes below. These gaps are often crossed with powerful diagonal springs or by getting your timing right on the wooden swing objects, but most frequent are the long speedy vine pathways built into the layout to connect everything together. They provide the level with its main source of pace, filling the map with loops and curves darting in all directions - somewhat unusual compared to the traditional first levels before it, which tended to favour their loops to be included in the ground structures themselves. Many end before they reach the next ledge in fact, instead flinging you, using your momentum alone, through the air with a short ramp. Back to the patterned, grass-topped structures themselves, and pathways here are rarely straight, except for within the occasional tight internal corridors between large platforms supporting different routes. All manner of slopes, steps and curves give the valley its characteristic hills and bumps in all other areas.
Most of the branching pathways across this somewhat rigidly tiered structure don't last long before they converge back with others, but you can cross them in a number of ways, using the large pump devices in tighter corridors to move to the next one above, launch a powerful jump upwards off of the wooden swings, or simply drop carelessly into the wide gaps between the high up precarious platforms. There are usually three or four stacked routes in operation at any one time. The highest platforms are smallest and therefore the trickiest to remain on consistently, although they tend to reap the most rewards, with hidden items and fewer enemies to concern yourself with. Sonic and Knuckles begin their journey on separate paths, Knuckles on the lower. Interestingly Mushroom Hill is the only level in either Sonic 3 or Sonic & Knuckles that offers an extra bit to the beginning of Act 1, revealed when the two games are locked on. More about that in Point #2. The two starting routes converge pretty soon in Act 1 however, and for the most part, the two characters share routes throughout this level thereafter, aside from a couple of Knuckles-only exceptions near the start and end of Act 2 respectively.
There are many routes across the forest, and the platforms on which they take place seem to get smaller the further up you go, though the best items can often be found there.
#1. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 12th January 2013, 11:22am (UTC)
I know the bottom-right screenshot with the invincibility was taken from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
#2. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 13th September 2014, 2:38pm (UTC)
Act 1 is actually larger than act 2 in height. I saw it on the level maps.
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Obstacles and Features
Mushroom Hill's trademark fungai trampolines decorate pathways all over, but can also be used to bounce to higher platforms.
Loads of unique, interesting objects in this level, most notably the large mushrooms that are wobbling endearingly on the ground-based pathways. Leap on their tops to spring right off, getting more height, up to a certain point anyway, every time you bounce back on them (not to mention creating that classic "bwoaa" sound effect at the same time). Most large mushroom platforms that grow out from the side of ledges fall when you try standing on them, though a few in Act 2 remain reliable. Both of these mushroom objects are seasonally coloured in Act 2 - red for Spring/Summer, blue for Autumn, green for Winter. When you find large pump devices, with handles hanging from either side, grab hold of one of them and your character will hang there from it. Press down to pull it, which makes the pump go up a little along the vertical grey line, and repeat until you reach the next ledge above you, usually going through a hollow portion of the ground with holes in it. In S3&K, bring Tails with you, controlled by a friend, and the pump moves more quickly with two people pulling it on either side. Large curled-up plant stems that sit on the edges of steps or ledges uncurl and stretch out when you walk across them, curling back up quickly the moment you step off.
Some platforms emerging from walls or ledges collapse under your weight.
Large pump devices are useful for traversing vertical distances. Grab on one of the handles and pull by holding the down button repeatedly.
These curled up plant stems uncurl out as you walk across them, creating an extending ledge.
Grey poles come in horizontal or vertical flavours and are used for increasing speed as your character flips around on them once.
Sonic and Knuckles take on a bit of acrobatics with thin grey poles, both horizontal and vertical, used for swinging around once, and propelling them forward. Best used when you hit them with speed, from the direction you're heading from, otherwise you'll just hang from the horizontal ones. On high ledges, there are sometimes two brown posts with a rope handle hanging between them. Run through with speed and you'll start swinging around on that handle. You can jump off at any time, and you'll be sent with a boost along the angle of your swing upon release, so you usually need to try and jump off as the handle starts swinging upwards, to reach the best possible height.
Wooden swings can be used to fling oneself up in the air, if entered at speed and your jump timing is spot on.
Often, hidden behind wooden posts in the internal areas are sometimes long bits of sticky sap that attach themselves to your usually speeding character, holding onto him like elastic. Only a spin dash will allow you to escape! There are also see-saws that spring you upwards, made up of a pair of mushrooms that act like scales. There's a small square weight on the left one, so jump on the right to send it up, but unlike most other Sonic see-saws, the weight actually comes down on the same side it took off from, so there's no need to switch this time, and even if you do, it doesn't actually crush or even harm you. Some mushrooms hang from the ceiling, and you can grab hold of the bottom and use it as a glider to float downwards, controlling its direction with the left and right buttons. If caught in a windy updraft, you'll be blown upwards to a higher route, and you can jump off at any time.
Threads of sticky sap are particularly annoying, and constantly drag you back toward them as you try to escape..
..The only way out? Spin Dash! Nothing else seems to work.
See-saws. Stand on the raised side to hurl the weight on the other into the air, which then returns the favour. The weight is harmless and stays on the same side.
Some mushrooms can be used as gliders, slowly floating downwards, but can be steered. Catch windy updrafts to sail higher.
Mushrooms aren't the only things infesting these woods - a whopping five different types of badnik are here too. Butterdroids are simple butterfly badniks that hang out in pairs and steadily approach you when you step into their vicinity. I may be wrong, but I believe that Mushmeanie is technically the first badnik that you actually have to deal more than one hit to, in order to defeat. An early case of enemy-with-health-bar-itis. They're little spheres that bounce around an area (usually a narrow corridor) on a pogo stick, and are protected by a seasonally-appropriate coloured mushroom on their heads, which you must hit to remove before you can then kill it on your second attack. Dragonfly hover up and down over a set area, with a long stinging tail that quickly becomes a real pain in the arse for you. Hit their heads only. Getting into more obscure territory, Mad Moles are mole bots that periodically pop out of little metal stumps in the ground, and throw mushrooms at you. The mushroom doesn't harm you, but it can take you with it as it bounces around the area for a bit, possibly causing you to collide with a harmful object. Depending on where you are, they can throw them either straight forward, or diagonally downward so that they then start bouncing off of the floors and ceilings. Curiously, they seem to reappear out of their metal stumps even after defeat, if you return to the same area after leaving. Lastly, Cluckoid is a rooster bot that sits perched in one spot, and facing one direction. Act 2 gets considerably more windy, thanks mostly to these guys, who suck in wind and blow it out with force in periodic bursts, forcing you away from them and possibly into something that hurts. If you get behind them, their wind will no longer affect you.
Badniks Butterdroids, Dragonfly, Mad Mole, Cluckoid and Mushmeanie.
#1. Comment posted by Xxaqz on Wednesday, 11th May 2011, 11:33pm (UTC)
Wai-wai-wait... That's Sticky Sap? I thought it was vines!
#2. Comment posted by Andrew on Friday, 27th May 2011, 6:33am (UTC)
Me too, they're sticky sap vines! :)
#3. Comment posted by afolita on Saturday, 14th July 2012, 12:30pm (UTC)
You can crouch and be unaffected by Cluckoid's blow.
#4. Comment posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 29th September 2016, 3:49am (UTC)
Every time I see the name Cluckoid, I always initially misread it as "cuckold".
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Point #1
For Knuckles only (and playing Sonic & Knuckles only - not with Sonic 3 locked on), we begin with a short scene. Adding evidence to the theory that his whole adventure in this game actually takes place after Sonic's, when the day has already been saved, Knuckles is chilling out in Mushroom Hill with some dancing animals. Had this taken place in the midst of the Death Egg's relaunch and inevitable tumble back onto a live volcano on Angel Island, I would like to think Knuckles would have a bit more urgency about him at this point. Anyway, his after-party is disturbed by a mysterious Eggman-branded bomb that plops itself down in the center of the scene. Before anyone knows what to do with themselves the thing explodes in a bright white light, sending our young echidna friend flying, though causing curiously no damage to the small animals that are closer to it. They scurry off though, as you would, and Knuckles regains consciousness to see a rogue Eggrobo badnik hovering above him, presenting himself to be the perpetrator. Knuckles shakes his fist and chases him off of the screen, thirsty for revenge. Reason enough for four and two bits of levels of fun, I'd say!
Knuckles begins his epic journey chilling out with some animal buddies. All is well!..
..Until this happens. An Eggman bomb! It explodes and sends a surprised Knuckles flying!
..As it turns out, a rogue Eggrobo is responsible! Reason enough for Knuckles to start kicking ass and taking names.
No notes have been posted in response to this section.
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Pump devices offer a nice way of switching between routes, particularly when found in corridors like this. You can either walk on, or jump onto one of the pulleys and hold down repeatedly to raise the device.
These wobbly mushrooms aren't just for show and cheap gimmicks you know. They're often useful for getting up to higher ledges or pathways just above. Bounce on them repeatedly and you'll start to go higher and higher, like a trampoline.
There's a long drop close to half way through the act with some spikes at the bottom that you might want to avoid. A hanging mushroom glider is offered as a safe route down from the top, but if you just jump off it and poke around the top right of this shaft, you might find a hidden 1-up inside a long tunnel.
Another extra life can be found near the end, by staying on the highest route possible, which includes using diagonal yellow springs to cross the last couple of high up platforms. When you reach a solid wall with a yellow horizontal spring forcing you back, simply jump over the spring and find this in the tunnel behind it.
#1. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 13th September 2014, 2:49pm (UTC)
Did they really have to use such a big room for the extra life? I think either a giant ring was supposed to be in there, or the creator should have made the room smaller!
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Special Stage Rings
Special Stage Rings
Note: If playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles, see Point #1 for details on two additional Special Stage rings at the start of the act.
Found on the middle route at round about the half way mark.
You can get to this ring either on the top or middle route. From the top, if you can find the first checkpoint - which is on a small isolated platform above the top route, with a collapsing mushroom and a diagonal spring on it - go right from there and as soon as you step off the curled up plant stem, drop down from it, then take a horizontal grey pole to flip down to a ledge where the ring room is to the right. Alternatively, there is a wooden swing to the left of this ledge on the middle route which can also get you here.
Just after the second checkpoint, head down the slope, through the corridor then drop down with the collapsing mushroom and you'll find the next ring in a high corridor on the right wall. Use the pump handle.
After the last ring, you'll come out through the tunnel on the right. A swing can take you safely to a platform over on the right, but you should then drop down to the path below, where you'll find the second checkpoint. From there, carry on down the slope and drop down the gap after the short corridor. Down here is a little room with a pump device. Latch on, and from there you can just jump to a hidden upper right path in the wall, holding the ring.
Carry on from the last ring along the lowest route until you get to a vine pathway that leads up and flips round on itself. Jump off so that you continue going right instead and you'll soon find yourself here.
Again, head right through the corridor on the other side of the last big ring and you'll emerge from a curved route to rejoin the end of a vine pathway. Keep heading down the slope, through one loop, but then the following vine pathway will lead up but then flip back to the left, winding up to the path via a red spring. You need to avoid going along with it, and instead jump off when it starts heading left, and walk off of it to drop down to the right. If you're too slow and end up taking the spring upwards, just drop off the platform to the left and try again. Shortly after, you'll find this room on the lowest route, which later rejoins the normal one to go straight into the boss.
#1. Comment posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 25th November 2012, 7:23pm (UTC)
In the third screenshot, the time said 9:08. I bet you got a Time Over!
#2. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 13th September 2014, 2:51pm (UTC)
He could've already completed the game and had hyper sonic though.
#3. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 4th October 2014, 3:06pm (UTC)
sorry, i realized this was sonic and knuckles, not sonic 3 and knuckles.
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Point #2
The start of Mushroom Hill is quite interesting, as it's the only one for which the Sonic 3 & Knuckles version unlocks a small portion of the map at the very beginning which wouldn't ordinarily be accessible. It's to the left of the normal starting areas for both characters, and playing Sonic & Knuckles alone, you would face a solid barrier if you tried to go back any further.
The S3&K version starts off at a point slightly further back than normal, for both characters. As Sonic, you'll watch an additional cut scene of Knuckles appearing from a corridor and then closing the door behind him as he leaves..
..What's that about? When he's gone, you can press the button to open the door again and see for yourself..
When playing as Sonic in S3&K, Tails will air lift you safely into the level (and then fly off again, if you're playing as Sonic alone). Walk forward and you'll automatically stop at a ledge, and duck, to let the screen scroll down, where you'll see a tunnel leading into the ground beneath you. Knuckles will walk out of it, and then peak insecurely around the exit for a moment, making sure no one's watching him, before stepping out and pressing a button on the ground, which closes the doorway to the tunnel. Mysterious. When he leaves, you'll regain control of Sonic, and though you don't have to, what sane man could resist opening up that doorway and seeing what all the fuss was about? Do so, and at the end of the tunnel, you'll find a Special Stage ring. Not just any old one though - this one is flashing with various colours! Hop in and you'll be taken to the altar in Hidden Palace Zone, where the Master Emerald is held, and having obtained all the Sonic 3 Chaos Emeralds, you can now go for the S&K ones, here. More details about this to come in a later section. As Knuckles, you'll find one of these rings early on in your path, rather than going through the tunnel, and both characters quickly rejoin their respective routes, after this brief moment.
..It's a multi-coloured Special Stage ring! Enter and you'll be taken to the altar of the Master Emerald in Hidden Palace.
Knuckles' own separate Special Stage ring can be found in a small internal corridor on his starting route in S3&K.
#1. Comment posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 29th March 2011, 11:44am (UTC)
If you do some backtracking, Knuckles can also get to the first Sonic Giant Ring. Not all that hard actually. Given how much shorter Knuckles game is and how fewer rings he has to get, try to get this one if you can
#2. Comment posted by Simon on Sunday, 3rd May 2015, 4:37pm (UTC)
With enough speed, you can skip the first Special Stage ring as Knuckles. Spindashing works best.
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Point #3
In S3&K, this upper platform grants access to a route not normally accessible. Charge up a powerful spin dash here, in front of two ten ring items..
..Release and jump at the end of the platform. If powerful enough, Sonic will leap straight to the next..
..Along these various upper platforms, don't trust this Eggman item! It causes nothing but damage.
As Sonic, following on from Point #1 and for S3&K players only, before you return to Sonic's ordinary starting point, you can spring up to a high platform in a brief internal section, past a Dragonfly to a couple of ten ring items. What you may not realise is that this little platform actually allows access to a series of other platforms and high up pathways dotted across the top of the first third-or-so of the act, which otherwise would have remained completely inaccessible. Granted, there's not much of interest on this route other than an invincibility item, some extra rings and a rare Eggman item you may never have realised was there at all (although purely look-but-don't-touch - it causes you to take damage if opened!) but it's nice to explore. From the platform with two ten ring items, all you have to do is spin dash (give it quite a few revs though!) to the right, from the left side of the platform, allowing yourself enough space to jump off of the end, thereby giving you the speed and height to make the next one. Springs, ramps and swings will take you the rest of the way.
#1. Comment posted by Anonymous Mark 3 on Sunday, 25th November 2012, 7:31pm (UTC)
A Robotnik TV?! In cute, cuddly Mushroom Hill Zone? I never knew about that, because I always take the bottom path.
#2. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 4th October 2014, 3:09pm (UTC)
I wouldn't say its cuddly and cute, since act 2's music sounds like a haunted farm in some parts and that there are enemies and traps everywhere.
#3. Comment posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 11th November 2014, 9:25pm (UTC)
You think Act 2's music sounds like a haunted farm!?
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Point #4
As Knuckles meanwhile, you get to try out your wall climbing and glide abilities for the first time ever, very early on in the act. Double jump on the wall here to grab hold of it, and then use the D-pad to climb up and down it. You can also drop down through that collapsible mushroom, where you'll have an alternative place to try it, further down there. This way is a bit more challenging, as it also forces you to glide between two adjacent walls. Jump off of the right hand wall, then press and hold the jump button again to glide toward the left hand wall, which you will latch onto.
Knuckles' very first introduction to his fancy new wall climbing move. Simply jump up against this wall and then press jump again to latch onto it. From there, up and down buttons will allow you to climb.
..Alternatively drop down through that collapsing mushroom and walk through to a slightly harder challenge, requiring you to jump from one wall to another. Jump and then press and hold jump again to glide to the opposite wall.
No notes have been posted in response to this section.
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Act 1 Boss
The Act 1 boss is a robotic woodsman, prepared to chop down a series of trees and use the displaced logs as deadly weapons, thanks to a mighty axe.
The logs are flung one by one as he makes his way down the tree. As Sonic, they're thrown straight to the left. As Knuckles, they can also bounce diagonally off of the ground.
An easy strategy though. Just stand underneath him and jump. Take caution though - unless you have a fire shield, you may get caught by his jet pack flames as he turns.
Here, you'll have to take on a floating robotic woodsman in order to progress to Act 2, and he has a slightly different pattern of attack, depending on your chosen character. You're in a long, open stretch with a series of already half-cut-down thin tree trunks across the immediate background. The woodsman fella will float in from the top right, complete with jet pack and shiny axe, and then blast off out of the screen, to the right. Follow him along and he'll eventually stop at a tree trunk, which he'll proceed to chop down to size into four pieces, starting from the top, and working his way down. For Sonic, the spinning logs will just be thrown directly left from where they are, but when playing as Knuckles, you may also have to try and dodge some of them (with difficulty) as they fall and bounce across the ground.
If you allow him to get to the base of the tree, he'll get his axe stuck, against Sonic. Eventually his energy will force him to fall back to the left and bounce along the ground before quickly retreating to the next tree..
..Against Knuckles, however, the final log is accompanied by the woodsman's own head, bizarrely. It flies off and bounces along the ground, harmful to touch, before floating back to the body..
..Before turning to the next tree, against Knuckles, he gives a final sweep of the arena after a brief pause, hoping to catch you out.
When he tries to cut down a fifth piece, in Sonic's fight, his axe will get stuck in the stump. He'll exert some energy trying to pull it out, and when he finally does, this will cause him to be thrown back, and bounce along the ground to the left. He'll then hover back up and repeat the process, moving onto a new tree trunk further on to the right. For Knuckles, he actually does chop down the fifth piece, but obscurely, he also loses his head in the process, which bounces across to the left with it. It'll blast back up to the body, which is floating on the right side, and he'll then sweep the middle of the ground, then fly back off to the left and restart the pattern. This may all seem fairly complicated, but dealing with him is easy. Just hang out in the bottom right corner, directly beneath him, where you'll be perfectly safe from all the logs. When he's facing right, just keep jumping and hitting him, but watch out for when he turns his back to you, because then you may collide with the small flames from his jet pack. Deal him six hits, preferably before he moves down to the bottom of the log and even begins the second phase of the attack. A fire shield is handy to avoid the flames.
#1. Comment posted by James on Friday, 1st April 2011, 9:03am (UTC)
Actually, it is not necassary to wait till he comes down. You should just get him, At the possible expense of rings.
#2. Comment posted by Tent2 on Monday, 26th January 2015, 5:07am (UTC)
I always loved how Knuckles had harder bosses.
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Act 2 has a couple of large, heavily spiked rooms for Knuckles to drop down from the top left to the bottom right. If you want to collect the rings dotted around, you can carefully glide back and forth, or you can just drop, but aim for the bottom right, as there will be floor spikes on the other side.
A long line of sticky sap and one Cluckoid is a bad combination. The sap prevents you from getting close to the badnik, and the strong gusts of wind produced by the Cluckoid interrupt your attempts to escape the sap by blowing you back.
Normally you would only catch a glimpse of this lightning shield from the wrong side of the wall while darting from spring to horizontal pole, heading upwards. To get it, you actually have to leap from a curving vine on the other side. There's a mushroom platform growing out the side of the wall to assist you.
A Death drop?! In lovely, cuddly Mushroom Hill Zone? Yep, but it's quite well hidden, on Knuckles' route toward the end. You're only really at risk while poking around the second to last Special Stage ring, the entrance to which is on the left hand wall, where the mushroom is.
#1. Comment posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 18th November 2012, 6:05pm (UTC)
I went to that giant ring, got the emerald, then fell down the bottomless pit!
#2. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 13th September 2014, 2:57pm (UTC)
Aw, what a bummer! Once in marble garden, I got an invincibility box, then got killed by a swinging spike ball just before the invincibility went into effect. Now THAT sucked!
#3. Comment posted by I.M.2R on Friday, 23rd February 2018, 2:41pm (UTC)
What is that branch at the end of the act two map after the boss?
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Special Stage Rings
Special Stage Rings
This first Sonic-only ring is accessible shortly after the start. Look out for a curved pit in the ground with a vertical pole in it, which, when hit with enough speed, should be able to take you to a loop on the upper right, leading to the big ring.
The first ring of Act 2 is Sonic only. After Point #1, keep going and be on the lookout for a curved pit in the ground, with a vertical pole in the middle. Head down the left side of the pit with speed so that you're fast enough to swing on the pole, which should give you enough speed to fly straight up to the right, and the start of a vertical loop that then leads toward this corridor.
This one is found on the middle route not long before Point #6. Luckily, it can be accessed from any other route just before it.
This ring is on a middle path, however it can be easily accessed from any route just before it. It occurs shortly before Point #6. If you take the top route, you must drop down the gap after a loop and a yellow diagonal spring. Look out for this see-saw next to a curved wall, which, obviously, hides the ring within it. If you're coming from the middle route, take a red spring that sends you running into the air via a curve, between two coiled stems. Below this on the bottom route, there is a hanging glider mushroom that can be used to float upwards because of a windy updraft. After the first gust, you must turn left to catch another updraft that then takes you to this platform.
To get the first of Knuckles' exclusive Special Stage rings, you must head through the passage that only he has access to from Point #6, and then take the corridor in the wall on the left, at the bottom of the shaft.
Knuckles has a couple of his own exclusive Special Stage rings, the first of which can be found right after the start of his own route, on Point #6. Break through the wall, then drop down through a series of horizontal poles. At the bottom you'll find a yellow horizontal spring suggesting you to go right, but ignore it for a minute and jump to the wall above it on the left, which houses the ring in question.
This ring can be found on the top route that leads straight into Winter.
As you come out, the season will change and you can look to Point #7 for some additional bonuses from here.
This ring sits in a corridor that leads into Act 2's Winter portion - the highest of three transitional corridors, heading straight into Point #7. To get here, aim for the highest route after the second Special Stage ring. You should find a checkpoint and a pump elevator device. Stay on this route and eventually a loop and a yellow diagonal spring will get you here.
Knuckles' second exclusive ring is a risky one, as it sits beside the level's only bottomless pit! Luckily, this mushroom platform doesn't collapse, and allows you relatively easy access, as long as you're careful.
From Knuckles' first exclusive Special Stage ring, his second can be found to the side of Mushroom Hill's only death drop, so it's a bit of a risky one! Keep on running into Winter, beyond a large heavily spiked room, you'll run down a slope and along an uncurling stem. Stop here, before it takes you to a red spring and a loop. Instead, jump off and aim to land on the mushroom growing off the left hand wall below. The corridor with the ring in it can be accessed from here. When finished, carefully glide over the bottomless pit to the spring and continue.
One of the easiest rings can be found on the other side of this Cluckoid, next to the pump device just before the end.
An easy one. Near the end, right next to the pump device of Point #8, the corridor that leads to the ring is guarded by a Cluckoid. Use the pump handle to negate the breezes he generates, then take him out and stroll into one of S3&K's most obvious big rings.
#1. Comment posted by DigitalDuck on Wednesday, 27th April 2011, 5:59am (UTC)
It's possible to get Sonic's first Special Stage Ring as Knuckles - simply head backwards when their routes converge.
#2. Comment posted by Anonymous on Friday, 30th November 2012, 5:08pm (UTC)
Whatever you do, DO NOT go for that Knuckles-only giant ring if you're in an explorational mood like I was. It caused me to fall down the bottomless pit after I was doing so well. I was INFURIATED! I had to start all the way back!! >_<
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Point #5
Kicking off Act 2 as Sonic, he and Knuckles will meet once again, and like in their various confrontations in Sonic 3, Knuckles once again sets off one of the island's many traps to thwart the hedgehog. This time, safely behind a barricade, he stands there grinning as he tugs several times on a lever on the wall. Each pump increases the wind level from beneath Sonic, who tries to hold onto the ground for dear life. Eventually, it becomes too strong, and you'll be blown upwards into the Autumn area of the zone. Playing as Knuckles, you can just break down this barricade and continue on a lower route, which quickly becomes autumnal too. Later, you will enter the Winter segment towards the end of the act, after exiting a completely enclosed area.
Sonic wanders straight into another trap of the still-duped Knuckles. He mercilessly tugs on a lever repeatedly, safely behind a wall, which pumps up the wind below..
..Eventually, the wind blows so fiercely, it turns time itself, apparently, and Sonic ends up deep in the middle of Autumn, where he remains for most of this act..
#1. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 13th September 2014, 3:01pm (UTC)
As knuckles, when you go through the first knuckles barrier, knuckles goes behind the switch like it was floating in mid-air.
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Point #6
I can see some people getting momentarily stuck at this point. It's a fairly large room a little further than half way through the act with curved edges on the floor and the right side of the ceiling. On the right is a barricade with no ledge in front of it, so Sonic will be unable to spin dash through. Knuckles, however, can break it as soon as he touches it, no problem, but Sonic will have to take another route, above. On the left side of the curved room is a downward spring that will send you running along the walls and up to a ledge just above on the left, which will have a swinging handle object on it. Use the spring to get to that ledge, then hit the swinging handle at speed and try to release it so that you'll swing up to the right hand ledge above that, which holds a spring that sends you up and along a loop.
Knuckles can get through this wall easily, just to the side of a curved pit, just by touching it, but it's not accessible to Sonic.
In order to get out of this mess, Sonic can retreat to this swing on the left hand ledge above the pit..
..Use the swing to carefully jump to the upper right, as soon as you starting swinging upwards. You'll find a red spring that can see you through a vertical loop above.
There is an alternative if you can't get the swing quite right. Just head back through the corridor to the left and starting charging up a nice powerful spin dash here, next to these spikes and facing a curve..
..If powerful enough, you'll spin straight up to the upper level, above the corridor you just came out of.
..Carry on along this upper path to simply walk straight onto the spring, instead.
If you're having trouble, there is another option. From the swing, try going left a little way, back through the corridor and out the other side. Stand to the right of the first set of floor spikes that you see, and hit a powerful spin dash toward the curved bit of the path to fling yourself up to the ledge above, whilst holding right when in the air. On this higher path, you can carry on right, and straight over to the spring.
#1. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 15th September 2012, 10:53pm (UTC)
Yes, I got stuck there. Worse than the Barrel of Doom for me!
#2. Comment posted by Anonymous on Friday, 30th November 2012, 5:16pm (UTC)
It's easy! Just jump at the right time.
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Point #7
Eventually, through one of three different routes that delve from the Autumn, through brief internal areas, you'll then burst out the other side to find you've wandered into Winter, where everything looks much lighter and discoloured. If you take the top most route (which contains a Special Stage ring in its transitional internal area), you might just be able to find your way to a well hidden platform high up into the act, near the end. As soon as you enter the Winter area, stop and look around - you should be surrounded by four green mushrooms on the path as it begins to slope down toward a loop. Bounce off of the tall one furthest to the left and look for a diagonal red spring on the left hand wall. Use this to fly effortlessly toward the hidden platform, holding an extra life and your pick of all three shields - water, lightning and fire. Get the fire one. You'll need it for the boss!
Enter the Winter portion of the act at the top most route (the one with the big ring in it), and then bounce around on the immediate mushrooms you find outside..
..From the top left mushroom, you can see a red diagonal spring on the wall..
..This spring can take you far across the latter part of the act, straight to a high up platform with all three shields and an extra life!
#1. Comment posted by Charlie on Friday, 30th November 2012, 5:19pm (UTC)
It's not very often you see all three shields together. :)
#2. Comment posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 11th November 2014, 9:29pm (UTC)
The only 3 times you see all 3 shields together is here, then in Hidden Palace Zone, and then Death Egg, Act 1.
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Point #8
A real mystery here that I have only just solved during the final phases of putting this guide together. After your speedy introduction to the Winter portion of the act, you'll end up at one of those large pulley pump devices, next to the final, and very obvious, Special Stage ring. Use it to go all the way up through the floor to the next level above. If you hit the red spring to your right, you'll either be sent all the way around the curved edges of the room you're in, or you'll go right through the ceiling on the top left side of the room, through to an extra hidden room that contains a fire and a lightning shield. The fire shield is pretty significant, as it does make the following boss a little easier. What mysterious factor determines this path though?
Shortly before the boss, you will always end up at this particular pump device (next to the final big ring). If you use the right hand pump to get through the ground up to the upper floor..
..Then in the upper room, using a horizontal spring you will always run along the curved ceiling, as normal, exiting to the right..
..Afterwards, you may find the exit of another route directly above. This solid vine wall blocks the way if you try to go back through it.
Well, as it turns out, it all depends purely on which of the two pumps on that device you used to get up here, or more specifically, which one you were on when you came up through the path, it would seem. Come up on the right pump and the hidden room will be closed off. Come up on the left, however, and it'll be open to you! Both rooms exit on the right and there's a solid vine wall at the end of the corridor out of the higher one that allows you to walk through toward the boss, but denies access the other way if you try to use the see-saw below to get in. Could have really done with knowing this in my earlier years.
The surprising secret to accessing the hidden upper room lies in the pump. You just have to use the left handle..
This triggers the paths to switch so when you run up the wall, above, you'll go through it and straight up to the hidden room above that..
This is a significant option, as the corridor leading out to the boss here conceals two shields, one being a fire shield that will be helpful very soon.
#1. Comment posted by Cf on Wednesday, 6th April 2011, 2:57pm (UTC)
Aha!!! I always did wonder how I once got into that room but could never get back into it! Cheers :D
#2. Comment posted by Hyper_Sonic on Friday, 21st October 2011, 3:54am (UTC)
Also, if fly up the pully area as tails, it's also open, and you can't go into it from the exit either.
#3. Comment posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 18th November 2012, 10:58pm (UTC)
I remember being in tat room a few times but always wondering exactly HOW to get in there each time. It always seemed arbitrary to me whether the engine would let me past that column.
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Act 2 Boss
The boss starts out as a curious satellite sticking out of the ground. Contacting what? No idea, but hit it anyway..
With the satellite destroyed, Eggman pops out of the ground in its place and then darts off, retreating to the right. Chase him over the hill, and then you must jump over a series of spikeballs linked across pillars, as Eggman floats through them.
Avoid the fire thrusters at the front of the craft, and hold the right button to try and run directly underneath, which is the best place to hit him.
After the last checkpoint, you'll see a satellite sitting on top of a step, emitting electricity up to the sky. I've no idea for what purpose, but just go with it. Jump and hit it, and it'll start exploding, and a brief bit of white light will transform the Winter area back to Spring/Summer again. Out of the ground will emerge Robotnik (or Eggrobo if playing as Knuckles), in a fairly odd looking large blue machine, with twin fire-blasting jets at the front. If you want to be done with him as quickly as possible, snag as many cheap hits in on him as you can now, because he's about to blast off out of the screen! Follow him over the hill, and you'll find that rather than mounting an effective offense, he's actually retreating, flying backwards above the ground as the screen scrolls with him, pushing you forward. You still have the ability to run and jump around the on-screen area though as you chase down your nemesis, landing hits on him at every opportunity, just about anywhere on his machine. However, in addition to the harmful flames periodically produced from the small front-mounted jets, you also have to be concerned with the series of orange posts that you're running between, lining either side of the path. Each pair of them has a string of small spiked balls linking the posts together, and they're at varying vertical positions, so you'll have to leap over some, and run underneath others. For some of them, Knuckles has to actually jump between two strings of spikeballs on the same pair of posts, so ensure that your jumping accuracy is top notch for those. Also be aware that if you lose your rings, it's sometimes tough to re-collect any as they'll fall to the left side of the screen and out of the area, and there are no additional ones during the boss fight. After eight hits, your foe's craft will burst into flames, as auto-pilot kicks in on your character, running him through the small doorway of a giant tree trunk, while Eggman just crashes into it. This is the first of many bosses in the series to be fought on-the-run in this way.
Knuckles has a particularly difficult spikeball pattern to avoid - two chains, one above, one below. You must carefully jump in the space between, so timing is crucial.
Finally, after eight hits, Eggman or Eggrobo will start to explode, eventually colliding with a solid tree trunk at the end. Your character will run automatically through a small doorway underneath.
#1. Comment posted by Mike L on Tuesday, 29th March 2011, 12:06pm (UTC)
A well known bug occasionally happens where Knuckles faces Eggman instead of Eggrobo. Nobody knows why. But it happens most often after losing a life
#2. Comment posted by AquaRuin on Tuesday, 29th March 2011, 12:41pm (UTC)
I actually did some testing with this glitch, jumping or gliding into the satellite will cause Robotnik/Eggman to appear but if you spindash into the satellite, Eggrobo will be back (I think so anyway).
#3. Comment posted by maza17 on Tuesday, 29th March 2011, 10:18pm (UTC)
Mike L: That usually happens if you die and quickly spindash when the title card is still visible...
#4. Comment posted by Tiddles on Saturday, 2nd April 2011, 11:29am (UTC)
It happens when moving to the right quickly after restarting from the final starpost. It doesn't matter whether that follows a death or a bonus stage. One of the art decompression queues gets overloaded and fails to completely decompress the patch artwork that replaces Robotnik's head with EggRobo's. You can sometimes even end up with a mixture of tiles from each.
#5. Comment posted by Cf on Tuesday, 5th April 2011, 11:23am (UTC)
I always assumed the satellite at the end was a weather controlling machine. Destroying it puts the weather back to normal.
#6. Comment posted by Oobo on Thursday, 7th April 2011, 1:01am (UTC)
The Knuckles exclusive Double chain, you should GLIDE through!
#7. Comment posted by SpeedingHedgehog on Sunday, 10th April 2011, 6:01pm (UTC)
Okay, TWO notes on the satellite dish:
1) It's most likely killing the plants, hence why they start to appear as they are dieing in the beginning of Act 2, then go completely while, seeming completely dead in the latter half of the Act. That also explains why it reverts back to normal one the satellite dish is destroyed

2) It could be assumed that Robotnik is using it to call Flying Battery to his location to pick him up, which would explain it's sudden arrival in the end of the boss battle, and the sound of faux Morse Code.
#8. Comment posted by Oobo on Tuesday, 19th April 2011, 11:31pm (UTC)
@speedinghedgehog I like those ideas. I never thought about him calling Flying battery. I like the weather controling or killing plants ideas the best.
#9. Comment posted by Hyper Emerson on Wednesday, 20th April 2011, 12:10am (UTC)
The game's manual also talks about Eggman using a machine to control the seasons of Angel Island, doesn't it?
#10. Comment posted by Pengi on Saturday, 30th July 2011, 10:47pm (UTC)
From Sonic 3:

"He also kidnapped animals and remodeled them into robots, and made the nature of Floating Island more severe with his environment-changing machines."
#11. Comment posted by AndrewBerry on Wednesday, 22nd August 2012, 10:27pm (UTC)
Not sure if you guys notice, but the satellite is actually on top of Eggman's flying machine. It's not a separate device. He will pop out of the ground after noticing you just destroyed it. So yes, I also think its real possible that the satellite is the reason for the seasons changing in Act 2, or it's him contacting Flying Battery to come over here.
#12. Comment posted by Ratchet 0203 on Saturday, 4th October 2014, 3:20pm (UTC)
A glitch happens when you give Eggman the last hit. His ship doesn't start exploding until half a second later.
#13. Comment posted by Tent2 on Monday, 26th January 2015, 5:11am (UTC)
Basically this is like a chat,also, How does Eggman call the flying battery?

His satelite?
A egg-phone?
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Point #9
The level ends with the mighty Flying Battery ship diving toward the forest floor to collect the defeated Eggman. Sonic or Knuckles will hop along for the ride as well though and cling on to one of the engines, creating a nice transition to the second zone..
After freeing the animals and all that jazz, Sonic or Knuckles will start to hear a noise from above them, and look up to see the Flying Battery, Eggman's latest flying battle and prison ship, hovering just above. There seems to be one of those mole badniks sitting in a sort of hanging cockpit for some reason. Eggman/robo then flies off with it, attracting the attention of your character who then runs further along the platform in hot pursuit, eventually leaping and grabbing hold of it, in order to sneak onboard..
#1. Comment posted by Sonic10158 on Tuesday, 5th June 2012, 7:18am (UTC)
Had Flying Battery been put in its original place (between Carnival Night and Ice Cap), i wonder what the animation would have been between Mushroom Hill and Sandopolis?

I'm assuming just a simple running-jump
#2. Comment posted by AndrewBerry on Wednesday, 22nd August 2012, 10:37pm (UTC)
Obviously, the Mad Mole badnik is probably piloting the ship..
#3. Comment posted by Anonymous on Friday, 20th December 2013, 8:02pm (UTC)
I think sonic/tails/knuckles ducks to look in the pit, finds a giant bouncy mushroom, jumps on it, and is launched to Sandopolis.
#4. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 13th September 2014, 3:08pm (UTC)
Wait, flying battery is the name of the ship? I thought the zone was named that because of the enemies!
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Miscellaneous Notes
- Did you know?... Mushroom Hill Zone was originally slated to be called Mushroom Valley Zone, as shown in Sonic 3's level select menu, produced at a time when the S&K zones were well into production and originally planned for that game. I assume they changed it to inkeep with a standard "Hill Zone" cliche.
#1. Comment posted by Andreww on Thursday, 12th May 2011, 6:18am (UTC)
"Hill Zone"
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#1. Comment posted by Beau on Monday, 16th May 2011, 4:00pm (UTC)
An idea occurred to me while reading about the boss. It seems random that Eggman was using a satellite dish in the ground before the battle begins. Then, thinking about how the environment's 'season' changes back to normal after disrupting the beam, perhaps Eggman's satellite dish/beam/thing was affecting the weather somehow, and changing the 'season' temporarily in those certain portions of the zone? As Sonic / Knuckles approached the epicenter of the beam, the change in environment got more dramatic.

I may just be imagining things, but it could explain the season change! (And why it changes back, suddenly.)
#2. Comment posted by LiQuidShade on Monday, 16th May 2011, 7:46pm (UTC)
Yes, that theory is also discussed in the notes of the boss section itself and I think it's very plausible, considering how everything changes back to normal after the satellite's destruction. Guess we'll never really know for sure, but it makes a lot of sense.
#3. Comment posted by flablar on Sunday, 12th June 2011, 5:26pm (UTC)
Hey Beau and Liquidshade!Did you guys notice that the pillars where made in 3D?
#4. Comment posted by o78g on Friday, 1st March 2013, 2:45pm (UTC)
#5. Comment posted by angelthehedgehog on Thursday, 22nd August 2013, 2:03am (UTC)
I always thought that the forest was like, decomposing or something.
#6. Comment posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 13th September 2014, 3:11pm (UTC)
I think it turned back to normal because the season changes from winter to spring.
#7. Comment posted by Ratchet 0203 on Saturday, 4th October 2014, 3:23pm (UTC)
Wait, there's an Eggman box in act 2? Where is that?
#8. Comment posted by I.M.2R on Wednesday, 21st February 2018, 2:01pm (UTC)
The earliest you could get Super Sonic is in Act 2.
#9. Comment posted by I.M.2R on Wednesday, 21st February 2018, 2:03pm (UTC)
And if you think about it, Act 1 is where you get Hyper Sonic.
#10. Comment posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 21st February 2018, 2:04pm (UTC)
Better words were never said.
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