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Wednesday, 19th October 2016, 11:32am (BST), 14 Comments
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Comments   14 Comments have been posted.
#1. Comment posted by Aurora on Wednesday, 26th October 2016, 1:58pm
.....? :(
#2. Comment posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 30th October 2016, 4:13am
This makes me sad.
#3. Comment posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 8th November 2016, 3:27am
#4. Comment posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 8th November 2016, 3:28am
Well, as long as their helping keep the site up!!!
#5. Comment posted by Anonymous on Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:02am
#6. Comment posted by Frendlee on Tuesday, 24th January 2017, 8:11am
Amazing Site. Shame its no longer active but hope its keeps going.
#7. Comment posted by Anonymous on Monday, 30th January 2017, 2:45pm
And I thought someone was updating the site.
#8. Comment posted by ram000 on Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 9:50pm
ay lmao
#9. Comment posted by hi123 on Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 9:51pm
#10. Comment posted by hi123 sucks on Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 9:52pm
hi123, no
#11. Comment posted by ananaajaj on Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 9:53pm
#12. Comment posted by Plutia or Iris Heart or whatever on Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 9:54pm
>:( you guys made me mad! DIE BITCH!
#13. Comment posted by Nep on Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 9:56pm
#14. Comment posted by noire on Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 9:57pm
Aquatic Ruin Zone artwork by Ricky Earl!
Wednesday, 1st January 2014, 1:48pm (GMT), 16 Comments
Well at least someone is updating this site with new content! Ricky Earl resumes his pledge to artwork up as many of my zones as he would care to within his lifetime. This time it's Aquatic Ruin Zone - good isn't it?

So expect Casino Night in another couple of years, right Ricky? I'm one to talk.
Comments   16 Comments have been posted.
#1. Comment posted by Ricky on Wednesday, 1st January 2014, 4:53pm
hahaha. How does 2050 sound?
#2. Comment posted by TruthSeeker86 on Saturday, 4th January 2014, 8:06am
That is gorgeous work, Ricky! Hope to see more!
#3. Comment posted by Kabam! on Saturday, 4th January 2014, 5:39pm
Darn... It has been a while. It certainly looks very nice. I like how the main focus is more on the Grounder than Sonic because he is such an iconic badnik in this zone. | Hey, what is two-zero-five-zero supposed to mea- Two thousand fifty?! Jeez man! I'll still be alive then but, gosh! Anyways, can't wait for the next!
#4. Comment posted by Kabam! on Saturday, 4th January 2014, 5:45pm
On a side note, I guess I should mention that Sonic Wrecks is no longer Sonic Wrecks. It is now, "Last Minute Continue." You should check out the new site when you have the time, and don't worry, the web link on your homepage to Sonic Wrecks still works so all you have to do is click there.
#5. Comment posted by Kabam! on Wednesday, 12th February 2014, 1:50am
Hey! LiQuidShade! Don't you have anything to say about Sonic Boom?! I can't wait to see your reaction. Better yet, what do you think of the character redesigns? Don't take too long to state your thoughts!
#6. Comment posted by dualzxz on Tuesday, 10th June 2014, 4:25pm
Hello, I know a brilliant sonic the hedgehog marble zone act 3 secret. Use knuckles or tails just above the ring box just above the last entrance to the cave. Go up the wall and there's a secret bypass. It gives a speed boot and a life. You skip the whole level!!!
#7. Comment posted by dualzxz on Tuesday, 10th June 2014, 4:28pm
Same goes for spring yard act 1. It gives 2 lives by going above the part with the sliding blocks
#8. Comment posted by dualzxz on Sunday, 6th July 2014, 8:06pm
Ok, it's actually on ALL marble zone acts
#9. Comment posted by asanjuan on Friday, 17th October 2014, 3:58am
No updates? :)
#10. Comment posted by Dakras on Thursday, 1st January 2015, 8:18pm
No update still? Damn.
#11. Comment posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 31st May 2015, 11:46pm
I Would Love to see the casino night zone fan art when it comes out ^_^
#12. Comment posted by Pizza Drácula on Thursday, 14th April 2016, 6:00am
Awesome guides, awesome compilation work, the rip of the music tracks... thanks so much from Andalucia mate hahaha

PS: when a guide for Sonic Spinball?
#13. Comment posted by Paulo on Sunday, 24th April 2016, 3:54am
Very nice this blog. I follow since now. http://www.agenciamocho.com
#14. Comment posted by Mocho on Sunday, 24th April 2016, 3:56am
Sonic is my young! <a href="http://www.agenciamocho.com"></a>
#15. Comment posted by www.agenciamocho.com on Sunday, 24th April 2016, 3:57am
Hi! Mega Drive Sonic!
#16. Comment posted by Master of the Macarenas on Tuesday, 24th May 2016, 9:44am
Its been over a couple of years... :V
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